Little Forest
Show Repackage
Motion graphic / 1920*1080 / 0’32’’ / 2022
Storyboard / Design / Animation: Cathy Lin, Erica Kim, Muriel Choi
Sound: HyunWoo Kim (IG@hyunricsound)

Awards: International Design Award (IDA) - Multimedia-Broadcast Design- Silver
International Design Award (IDA) - Multimedia/Animation- Honorable mention 
Little Forest is a “Caring for Kids in Nature” Korean program.  It is a healing variety program designed for home kids. The kids will spend 2 days and 1 night with the cast, away from their parents for the first time.
Little Forest focuses on giving children a chance to play and to discover in nature. So, we put emphasis on children’s fresh experience in nature and add colorful and energetic elements in a warm tone to match its vibe.

We started the storyboard by deciding the order:
1. Opening (tree house)
2. Children picking up fruit and veggie 
3. Playing in the rain 
4. Playing in the mud 
5. Playing in the river 
6. Feeding the animal 
7. Showing mountains 
8. Decorating photos (logo) 
*Children size: small to large
According to the order, we each made a storyboard for this project.
Cathy's storyboard
Cathy's storyboard
Erica's storyboard
Erica's storyboard
Muriel's storyboard
Muriel's storyboard
After discussion, we selected and combined shots from our storyboards. The red frames I marked below are shots selected from my storyboard proposal.
Same as storyboard, we decided a direction, crayon illustrative style, first and then we each drew a styleframe. 
Cathy's styleframe
Cathy's styleframe
Erica's styleframe
Erica's styleframe
Muriel's styleframe
Muriel's styleframe
Finally, we decided to follow my art style. In our teamwork, we want each of us to engage in each part of process. So, we each made some parts of the design and animation. To keep it consistence, I shared the brushes and color palette to my teammates, and I gave feedbacks while they are working on design.
We also made a toolkit for Little Forest.
Cathy - Mortise
Erica - Lower third + Bumper
Muriel - Credit squeeze
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