Huo Dong Intro.
Personal Project 
Motion graphic / 1920*1080 / 0’45’’ / 2020
Role: Direction / Design / Animation
Music: Ikson-Tide on Soundcloud
 - Introduction - 
Huo Dong is an integrated marketing company in Taiwan. In this project, I select three cores from their services as main topic: creative proposal, media marketing, and event planning. Through this motion work, I would like to build a vivid image of this company and leave audience a deep impression with bright tone and optimistic.
While making storyboard, I used the concept of "make a wish" to describe the relationship between client and company. Clients are like making a wish to the company, and the company must make this wish come true. Therefore, at the beginning of the story, there is a shooting star presented a start of everything. The part of creative proposal, I placed various geometric elements to express collision between imagination and creativity. I arrange graphics of network traffic and the Like buttons to show the part of media marketing. Last, holding an event requires many people working in cooperation, so these workers and equipment are put in the magic cards to indicate division of labor. When cards are all presented, events will be successful like the last scene.
- Storyboard -
 - Styleframe - 
- Card motion- 
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